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The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love (Beyond, #1) - Erin Quinn I can't decide how to rate this one...I loved a lot of it which could have been up there in the 4.5/5 stars, but there were a couple of major gripes for me which stopped it from being an amazing read.

I really thought the premise was very interesting and a bit different and despite the two major issues I have with this story, I still enjoyed it and couldn't put this down. The characters, the plot and the pace were all good, I enjoyed the added dimension of different POV throughout and the baddies were pretty horrid and scary. The way the demons took over people actually reminded me a lot of The Host, esp for the couple that could feel the emotions etc of the person. The way that the bodies the demons are in are described reminded me a bit of the horrid Lessening Society in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I liked the way the story unfolded and we found out more along the way about Roxanne and Reece's relationship with death and Roxanne's relationship with the Reaper in particular...and I loved the descriptions of how he was there comforting her when she was in the darkness between dying and being resurrected each time.

My first issue though is that no matter the circumstances which are meant to explain their connection, it was way too insta-lust/love for me, as I felt we had only just got to know the characters by the end ourselves and yet they we declaring undying love! Everything rushed on through the book with one major thing after another, and because we kept jumping between 3 major POV throughout, I felt we didn't spend quite enough time gettng to know any one of them to feel enough - I did enjoy seeing from Reece's POV too as it added another layer, but I wanted more of everything. I did love the whole idea of the relationship between the Reaper/Santo and Roxanne but I just wish we could have seen it develop over a bit more time rather than about 3 days, which is the span of the book, to make us love them even more and feel it was more realistic (well as realistic as you can get in a world where there are demons and hellhounds that is!).

My second problem is that I felt the ending was rather rushed...it built up to this big ending and then it rushed forward to the finish, but I was left kind of going "oh"...although it was quite dramatic, in some ways it felt almost anti-climatic/deflating and it also felt like it went slightly on the mushy/gushing side when it came to the hero/heroine...

I personally think this should have been set over a longer time span with a slightly longer book and perhaps even over two books if needed as I feel like so much more could have been done with this world and these characters, but their story is over. The next in the series is about Ryan, Roxanne's oldest brother, so I don't know if we even find out how things sorted themselves out from the ending of the first book or if we just have to guess. Like what do they tell the police? What happens to Reece? What happens to the door to Abbadon? What happens to April? etc... Its not a cliffhanger, but I was left with questions which were never really answered.

I've just had a quick read of the excerpt from the next in the series "The Three Fates of Ryan Love" and it doesn't sound like it carries straight on from the last one from what I can tell, so I don't know if the outstanding questions from the first book are ever answered...the next one sounds interesting though, so I will definitely read it when it comes out next year.