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Never Deal with Dragons - Lorenda Christensen 3.5 stars

Hhmmm, what to say about this one. Well I enjoyed it for the most part, lots of action, interesting spin on dragons and I really liked the concept of the world that has been created. But I wasn't convinced about the relationship between our hero and heroine. It felt a little flat for me and I think mainly because we don't really see a great deal of normal interaction between them. We are told there is history there from their previous relationship but apart from lust, I wasn't seeing it or feeling it with their interactions and then when declarations of caring for each other come, they don't feel very realistic - I also felt Trian was never really very well fleshed out. I think it doesn't help that we only ever hear from Myrna's POV.

I really liked the first third a lot with the set up and world-building, the second third was still pretty good, but then I was a bit unsure where we were going with the last third...and the ending felt rather unfinished, so I assume the next carries on right from where we leave off.

A good start to a new series though and I would think about reading future books.