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Midnight Secrets - Ella Grace 3.5 stars

Well it started off intriguing but then quickly moved on to Savannah and Zach's relationship when they were 18 & 20 and first got together. This section started quite well but then it seemed a bit slow. Although I knew there would be some time spent on the main characters' interaction back when they were younger (from reading reviews), I didn't realise a whole 20% of the book was taken up spent on them in the past - it was good to get some background and some detail about them, but it just seemed too much time was spent in this bit until I felt I was reading a sappy young adult story and I got a little impatient waiting for the main story to start.

Then when it did finally skip ahead to present day, you only know it is quite a long time later and you know from the blurb that Zach must do something to hurt Savannah back in their past as they are not still together. However you don't know what exactly happened, and 45% into the story we still didn't know! Lots of things are hinted at as to why Savannah was so heart-broken and why Zach might have had his reasons but it at that point all I could was that it better be something impressive or I was going to be annoyed at the build up to nothing!

Shortly after this you find out what Zach did/what happened and I wasn't quite expecting this revelation, but you still don't know what Savannah is hiding. You can tell something happened to her or she did something during that time, but she doesn't reveal it. I had my guesses, but it just dragged on and on and with the small bits and pieces she revealed in her own thoughts, I guessed what the revelation was going to be way before it happened. And it STILL continued to drag on, so by the time she actually tells Zach it was spoilt a bit as it didn't seem particularly shocking.

The suspense part is almost non-existent for a large part of the book - things only start really happening for the final third - the reveal of who committed the murders was quite good though.

The romance itself did feel relatively believable, although it was on the mushy side, especially towards the very end.

Overall it wasn't bad and was still a nice read, but I felt it was kind of boring and a bit too slow paced for me to feel too much for it...not a lot happened for large portions and the main elements of the story (the romance and the mystery) seemed dragged out.