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Crossing - Stacey Wallace Benefiel 3.5 stars

Unfortunately it wasn't long ago that I read a book dealing with a very similar central theme - the main female character was also very similar in certain ways. The other book is a favourite of mine and unfortunately "Crossing" fell short in comparison. If I had read this first then perhaps I would have felt differently.

Although this was an enjoyable read and I liked Dani and Liam, I found it difficult to really get a feel for Liam as a person - I did to some extent early on but it felt a bit vague as we got further in. Whereas in the other book I mention above, the "hero" has a really strong identity throughout. I really like to feel like I "know" the characters in the books I read and can understand them, but for whatever reason Liam was a bit wishy washy for me at times.

There were some funny moments and emotional moments - overall I enjoyed the read but unfortunately I didn't find it to be a "wow" read.