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Finding Home - Bonnie Dee, Lauren Baker Wow, this is pretty intense and emotional!

I really got sucked into this one from the beginning. Despite not liking the heroine overly much, this was still a great story. Megan was pretty selfish and childish a lot of the time and really SHE acted like the teenager on many occasions. However, I guess I could understand her motivations for most of her actions, even if they were pretty selfish.

Sean more than makes up for it though as he is a great character and you can't help but feel for him and his story.

I was not so bothered about the age difference as Megan was only about 4-5 years older and still young herself, plus sex is legal at 16 in the UK, so that didnt seem odd, but the fact it isnt legal in the US and she knows it, is a bit strange. I guess the bit that felt most uncomfortable for me though despite age differences, was that she was supposed to be the one being the responsible adult but she walked around like a horny teenager with no control right from the beginning. She was also very suffocating it seemed.

Although this is new adult, the sex scenes and sexual content were quite frequent and relatively graphic so Adult content throughout.

Perhaps it would have been better if Sean had already turned 18? Or if he had gone away to get his shit together before anything happened between them and then was 18 when he came back? ...for Megan and for the reader?

Either way it was still a great, engaging read which was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.