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The Nature of Cruelty - L.H. Cosway Edit: I was reading back over some of my reviews and I think I was a bit harsh with my star rating for this, as although there were elements I didn't like, it was still an engaging story that I couldn't put down and there were elements I really did like, so I have amended from 2.5 to 3.5 stars.

This is a strange one, I'm not sure quite how to rate it. Parts of it were good such as the premise and the engaging writing, as I definitely felt drawn in by the author, but unfortunately for me, the whole romance seemed to be VERY unhealthy and it never really left this category for me - it always felt vaguely icky and stalkerish early on, but then later it didn't so much and I don't know if that's because the author made it like this to show how it had gone from obsessive intenseness to something more normal, or if I just got used to the weirdness... And despite love being professed by both main characters, I just didn't feel it - oh yeah we were TOLD he was attentive and that they declared they loved each other, but it always just seemed about lust and like this was being mistaken for love...maybe towards the end its a bit more believable that it could be a more healthy relationship, but even then it seemed strange.

Some I also couldn't get over was how the characters who were all in their early twenties, actually came across as horny, silly teenagers of around 16 or younger, especially the first part of the book when we meet Rob - rather than banter it seemed more like the kinds of things you would expect from a 12 yr old.... and then we meet Rob and Sasha's friends and some really childish things are said and done that hinted at them being more like school kids!

I did think the message was a very important one, and I get what the author was trying ti do, I just didn't feel it.

Anyway, yeah really a strange one. I kept reading to the end to see what happened, so it had me interested that much and the writing itself was good, engaging and the story as a whole was paced well and moved along well. The sex scenes were also pretty well done if you can suspend any other thoughts about how strange the relationship is...

I could have given a lot higher for some of the elements listed above, maybe a 4 star, but due to my irritation with the childish behaviour and dialogue at points, inconsistencies in Lana's character, the strangeness of the relationship and the weird character portrayal of Rob, I just didn't like it too much as a whole I'm afraid.