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Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway 4.5 stars.

Loved it!! Such a fascinating and intriguing idea for a storyline with some genuinely likeable characters, I was drawn in from the beginning and I couldn't stop reading all day until it was finished!

After being really disappointed with "The nature of cruelty" by the same author I didnt know what to expect and I was a bit worried with the way Nick acted early on, coming on to Freda REALLY strong, as in real life I'm not sure this would be good this early from a complete stranger in your home, however hot he was, but after this blip the story got going I loved their interactions.

I loved Freda's sarcastic humour and the banter between her and Nick, plus the build-up in their relationship. The whole story is told from Freda's POV, and its great to hear her thoughts and feelings in her typical self-deprecating and sarcastic way. But then at the end you hear the epilogue from Nick's POV and whilst a little sappy, it finished it off well.

If im being critical there were a few things I woud have changed such as Nick coming on so strong early on as I mentioned above, I didnt get the inclusion of the guy from Freda's old school, it didnt seem to really add anything, and I felt the was something a bit rushed perhaps, or not quite as well done as it could have been about the reunion of Freda and Nick at the music festival. But these all felt like minor issues when the story as a whole was so engaging.