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Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas 2.5 stars

There were good and bad elements to this story. I wouldn't really say I loved it, but it wasn't terrible either. Many similarities with "The Nature of Cruelty", which I only read recently. It was interesting actually to have read them close together as although they dealt with the same concept and there were a few similarities, both stories dealt with the issue in very different ways.

I never really did feel that Jared had truly understood the hurt he had caused all those years - we got info on WHY he had behaved the way he did, but I didn't feel too much of the emotion around being sorry for what he had done etc. Maybe it was the fact everything was from Tate's POV, or maybe Jared just wasn't fleshed out enough/the dialogue with him was not emotive enough.

Also in standing up for herself, I felt that Tate become rather a bully herself in many ways, so I think some of the message was lost around how this was dealt with, especially towards the end.

I think for me this was just TOO young adult - although I think this has tried to be "New Adult", it just didn't cut it for me - I had hoped that as the characters were 17/18 it wouldn't seem so high-school drama, but unfortunately, apart from the inclusion of a handful of sex scenes, it still reminded me of the maturity levels of 14/15 year olds in most of their actions and thoughts. Maybe it's different here in the UK, or maybe I'm just getting old!

Various things annoyed me throughout and although they are probably a relatively accurate reflection of teenage life, the experience of reading this book just left me feeling irritated and quite unsatisfied at the end...unfortunately after the great book I read last this feels a big let-down.