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Escorted - Claire Kent I picked this up not knowing what ti expect as it had received a lot of good reviews and it was recommended to me by a few people. This really shouldn't have been the kind of story I wanted to read, in fact the whole premise is something that I really don't like usually...but interestingly enough I really enjoyed it. It was funny and sweet, somewhat a stretch of the imagination, but romantic all the same. Good characters that I liked - the whole book is in first person from Lori's POV but that helps with the guessing and suspense/tension of Ander's thoughts and feelings. The whole book is about them and their relationship as it grows and develops into something different but also how they feel about themselves...obviously there is a lot of sex, but its done really well and we learn more about both of them through each meeting, and contrary to what you would assume from this kind of storyline it was actually done with emotion rather than just erotica style sex. It is a rather unrealistic romantic storyline but then its fiction, not real life.

It was also pretty well written and I would definitely consider reading more from this author in future.