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Into the Hollow - Karina Halle This one wasn't such a cliffhanger as the last couple but it still left you needing to read the next one.

A lot of the first part is taken up with Perry getting out her parents house and going with Dex, plus deciding to give Experiment in Terror another go. As expected there's lots of angst between them and whilst Dex is now the one being pretty open about his feelings, Perry is alternating between not knowing how she feels and trying to bury her feelings - so frustrating!

Then when they finally go on their next shoot, the monsters were really pretty horrid and scary. The story went along at a fast pace and at no time was I bored, but looking back, not a lot really happened with the monsters - normally there is some reason or some conclusion or something that happens, but with this one there wasn't really any real closure on it.

The relationship between Dex & Perry was a bit weird and strained at times, as it is meant to be I guess, but because of that I couldn't get back into the feel of things like I did in the earlier books. I guess because of all they have been through they are meant to be different people now and that really does come across. Of course there are still a lot of elements there the same, but I think part of me loved those early books and the tension between them, plus Dex seemed much more mysterious back then when Perry was getting to know him... but something just feels a bit off in their dynamic now for me...

There also wasn't a lot of ghostly stuff happening in this one - although the couple of things that did happen were pretty big and I am guessing will be picked up on next time as not much time was spent on them in this one.

...this review is a bit of a ramble, so I will probably come back and edit this at some point, but overall I am finding that since the end of Lying Season, something has been a bit missing for me between Dex & Perry and the series and I can't quite work out what it is. But I hope we get to see it again in the next books...