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Midnight Rescue - Elle Kennedy I enjoyed the first third I think - bunch of assassin women, bunch of ex-military/special ops men - all have had some sort of rough deal in life. Both teams working together for this mission. Everyone seems pretty fucked up emotionally! Its a bit too contrived for my liking so far, but its enjoyable still. The switches in POV are a bit disorienting - there are lots of them and its a little distracting keeping track of the changes.

I do like reading about all the different characters, but I get the feeling that because we keep shifting around between so many that we aren't really going to get to know our main hero/heroine really in-depth. I like to know the main characters really well so that I feel its real when they express feelings etc. Not to say that any of the characters are cardboard cutouts, as they aren't...but I want more time spent on the hero/heroine.

I got about 50-60% in and I kind of just trailed off so this one is something I will probably read again at some point in the future as it had potential.