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Mind Games - Carolyn Crane Well I'm afraid that despite trying, I just couldn't bring myself to finish this. I might try again at some point in the future as I would still like to know what happens - a lot of things about the plot interest me, I just can't be bothered to read this at the moment.

This is definitely an interesting and original plot...but I was never too keen on the main characters... And our heroine's boyfriend when the book opens is named "Cubby"??!! WTF? What sort of name is that?

I am also a bit confused about the description of our "diabolical" Packard as I think he is supposed to be good-looking but the description of him was kind of confusing and didn't really sound attractive to me at all!

This is really slow going for me :( - its strange as I like the premise behind the story, I enjoy reading about the different fears and the hypochondria etc, a really unique idea that works I think, and there is suspense, mystery, lots of characters...but I kind of can't really bring myself to care. I don't know enough about Packard to actually care for him, I don't necessarily dislike our heroine, but I don't love her etc...

I had difficulty remembering what most of the characters specialities were and really if I am honest, the only person who vaguely intrigued me was Simon!

I started reading another book as this one was such slow going and at about 60-odd% in I just gave up... I think I would like to read this again at some point and try and finish it to find out what happens, but not at the moment.