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Come Alive - Karina Halle Damn, the unthinkable has happened - for some reason, even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dex & Perry, something has happened in the last couple of books and the awesomeness of those early books has been lost for me...I don't know if it's just me, but this is what I have been dreading and I kind of knew this was coming which is why I had a bit of break before carring on with the series after Lying Season...I just cannot bring myself to read this one, I feel detached from the characters - I'm about 50% in, so I did give it a good try!

I think I need a break and will come back again at a later date...I might wait for the remaining books in the series to come out and then re-read everything again from the beginning and have an EIT read-a-thon :)