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Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder I wasn't really expecting anything much from this, so was pleased to find I really enjoyed it. I did have a few issues, such as early on I felt the dialogue was sometimes a bit simplistic and predictable, but as it went on I found the characters likeable, especially all the secondary characters along the way, and the plot was pretty interesting. Kerrick was a real arse near the beginning with what he did to Avry and it took me quite a long time to forgive that, but his magic was a bit different so interested me, and he grew on me. The romance in this is pretty non-existent until the very end, but it is at least realistic in this was due to the circumstances and it also allowed for a real relationship to develop between characters during the course of the book.

The majority of the story was travelling, hiding and fighting and it really was a loooong journey...although it was pretty well paced with quite a bit of action along the way, until Avry was at Tohon's castle around 75% in and then it slowed a bit until picking up again towards the end. I did think the very end was really abrupt too, so was a bit disappointed in how it finished up.

Snyder created an interesting world and magic system, which I would like to know more about as it seemed there was a huge amount more to it that we just touched the surface of in this book...something that I wanted to understand more was Avry's communication with the Lilys...I think the next one picks up the story after the ending, so I will definitely read the next one. Although the main elements of their 'quest' were finished up in this one, lots of loose ends were left to carry in in the second in the series.