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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White I remember when this came out and I was really keen to read it but for some reason I forgot all about it until I was looking through my old t-b-r shelf recently, so thought I would give it a go...

I didn't really have any expectations so was quite pleased with it - good story and writing, not a huge amount of world-building outside of the paranormal organisation Evie works for, but some interesting main and secondary characters throughout. There were lots of great paranormal beings that you don't normally get to see and I LOVED Lend, the water boy:) Such a sweetie and he's a pretty cool water-shifter type of thing.

The story is a little bit drawn out with not a lot happening in parts but it still kept my interest and overall I thought the storyline was pretty good. I actually really liked the heroine, despite her being a 16 year old! She was very 'young adult', but in a sweet way, not an incredibly annoying "like, oh my god" sort of way... and the romance between Evie and Lend was a really cute and sweet teen romance.

I think if you read the sample (on kindle at least) and you like that, you should like the book itself, as you get a good feel for our main character in it.

The main issue in this story is resolved at the end so there is no immediate cliff-hanger, but there are quite a lot of loose ends, not least with what will actually happen to Evie now, so if you like this one you will want to read the next at some point...I will definitely pick up the second in the series at some point.