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Dragonfly - Erica Hayes 2.5 stars

I really liked the premise and I haven't read a sci-fi romance for a while so was looking forward to this, but I just found it to be tough going. Its pretty slow and was bogged down with lots of info dumping and techie futuristic jargon especially at the beginning. I normally like reading about all the techie stuff in a sci-fi but this was not done in a way that made it interesting.

I found that a lot of the time I was finding the book to be really slow going and that not a lot was happening. Then at other times when things happened, I then wondered how they were even relevent... for instance the kidnapping - I was left wondering how that even fit into the story? Is it because there will be another book after this and this will be re-visited? Or was it just an awkward plot device to make the hero look kind-hearted and good?

I really like to read about strong female characters and our heroine is supposed to be ex-marines, part of the imperial forces and special black-ops were trying to recruit her for their secret ninja assassin team at the beginning so I thought I would really like her... she also led her own team previously and is apparently really smart... so you can imagine my surprise when she acts like this mission is her first one, she keeps getting her arse kicked by everyone and she loses her temper on a few occasions that reminded me of a sullen teenager! Not cool...

We never really learn anything much about any of the characters other than our heroine. I really wanted to know more about Dragonfly as although I liked the tension between them, it never really seemed real enough as you couldn't feel engaged with the characters enough.

On the plus side, there was definitely something about the premise that kept me reading, but I think that what could have been great kind of fell flat in reality with too much info-dumping and descriptions, not enough character development and a storyline that could have been tighter. I was pretty annoyed that I carried on reading even though I was bored to find that we didn't even get any resolution to anything at the end! Everything is left hanging and there is a (not very good) cliffhanger, so I assume there will be another book. Unfortunately I had specifically chosen this as I have read so many series lately that I wanted a stand-alone book for a change!