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Skinwalker - Faith Hunter Well that was really good - I almost didn't read this, as its just been sitting in my tbr pile for ages. Jane is pretty kick-arse with all her weapons and fighting skills. Initially she did come across as a bit arogant but actually she was pretty funny as the story went on. She is obviously a bit socially inept as she seems rather awkward and a bit aloof with other people. I found the circumstances of her background intriguing and you find out bits and pieces with her throughout the book.

Beast and her voice was pretty cool ... It takes a bit of getting used to but as the story went on I was looking forward to hearing beasts voice as well. The mystery surrounding who and what Jane is kind of develops throughout but there are still questions by the end.

The mystery of the rogue was pretty good too and kept me guessing throughout and there were a lot of interesting characters and politics going on.

Also something I want to know more about are Rick's tatoos! That was an unexpected revelation when you find out what they are - they must mean something otherwise they were way too much of a coincidence...looking forward to finding out more later in the series.

I did find it a bit odd thats nearly every man (human or vamp) in this seems to be gorgeous and fancies Jane...although thankfully, despite flirting a bit with them, she doesn't jump into bed with any of them. I guess they are being set up as a love interest for later but there wasn't really any romance in this. It was definitely more urban fantasy, which worked well.

My only real criticism is that there were parts where the descriptions were just way too much - sometimes we hear loads of info about the decor and layout of houses or randomly, descriptions of tea, teapots and tea drinking!!?? Apart from those few instances though I found this an entertaining read.