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Blood Cross - Faith Hunter 3.5 stars

It's a shame as parts of this series make it brilliant dark urban fantasy which could be 4.5 stars, but there are also parts of it that for me made it boring and repetitive at times!

Unfortunately the flaw of the first book with irrelevant lengthy descriptions of things seems to still be here - this time, its that we get subjected to the same information just jumbled around slightly, every time Jane/Beast shift! Yes, we know by now that she goes into a grey space and reaches for the "snake" and her bones... slide and she shifts, changes and there is pain, pain, pain!!!! ...which then leads to a detailed description of the meal she has after she shifts EVERY time. Seriously, I think I read something to that effect about 20 times now between the first two books. Also the description of her shotgun is exactly the same in this one when the marine describes it as when she talked about it in the first book! There were just quite a few things like this that stood out to me where it made me feel I was re-reading the same thing again and again. Although there was a lot of good story in there, don't get me wrong, I still felt like I was skimming irrelevant/repetitive information and it needed a tighter edit.

Something changed in this one too so that I felt Jane wasn't quite so tough as she had been in the first - I really loved that she could fight well, but she seemed to keep getting things happen to her in this one and almost getting killed! So I hope in the future she goes back to being as good as she was in the first book...I don't want her to end up being one of these heroines who is supposed to be tough but needs saving every 5 minutes.

I do love hearing about her Cherokee and skinwalker heritage, so every time we learn a bit more about that I was pleased - we also learn a lot of interesting stuff about the vampires that's pretty cool. Unfortunately we don't learn anything more about Rick's tattoos yet, but I'm assuming/hoping this has some relevance and to be honest its such a freaky coincidence if it means nothing that I'm surprised Jane hasn't asked him about them yet!

And that brings me to Jane's love/sex-life... hhmm I'm kinda disappointed... as long as there is a good story, then I would have been happy for this to stay as urban fantasy without any real romance thrown in, although it's always interesting when there are possible love interests and there is a bit of flirting etc - although I also don't like the kind where the heroine just jumps into bed with every male character! I already mentioned in the first book how it was rather convenient that there were loads of gorgeous guys in the book and every one of them seemed to like Jane - well this one continues that and there are a couple of entanglements, but it was a bit confused. I wish that if there was going to be a romance, then it should be realistic - at the end of the book she ended up, literally overnight, in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, which kind of came out of nowhere considering how little we have actually really heard from this character throughout the two books so far! Not to say he wouldn't have been the logical choice, but if this was going to happen I just wish it had been done more realistically. Oh and after the sort-of sex scene early on in the book, I was expecting to get a bit more description than what we got when she finally spent the night with her "boyfriend"!! We got no details whatsoever - I didn't need graphic description, but I did feel kind of cheated all the same that we got absolutely no information, when it seems we get excessive detailed descriptions about tea drinking for goodness sake!

...and then it ended with a wishy-washy epilogue...

So yeah, overall I still like where the story is going and it definitely leaves me wanting to know what happens in all the loose overarching plotlines, but I am not sure if I can be bothered (or at least not any time soon), as this one left me feeling a bit deflated and a bit "meh"...